1. If an unlock has not been delivered within 30 days and has not been rejected for any reason, a refund will be issued. However, cancellation is not possible before the 30-day window due to our contractual agreement with our suppliers, and we incur costs once the unlock is submitted.
  2. We cannot provide refunds for orders being processed for unlocking since we incur the unlocking costs immediately. If customers opt for alternative services during the 30-day contract period while we process their unlock request, we cannot offer refunds. Customers should not purchase our service if they cannot wait for their code to process.
  3. Refunds will not be issued if a device with a set number of input attempts exceeds the limit.
  4. Phones that are blacklisted, stolen, lost, or on an incorrect network are not eligible for refunds. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify if a device is blacklisted before placing an order. If an unlock request is initiated on a blocked phone, and we discover that the phone is reported as lost, stolen, or bad ESN and/or contract issues, we cannot issue refunds. We cannot unlock blacklisted phones, so customers must check before ordering.
  5. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they input the correct phone and customer information when making a purchase. If the IMEI, phone number, or network provided is later found to be incorrect, the unlock request will come back as “Blocked,” and a refund will not be provided.
  6. To receive a refund, customers must provide us with video proof that the unlock code has failed to unlock their device, and the device is still locked. The video must be submitted within 5 days of receipt of the code. No refunds will be issued after this period, regardless of the video provided. Customers must ensure that their Android device prompts for the unlock code before making an order; otherwise, we cannot provide refunds.
  7. If a customer’s phone was already unlocked before purchasing our unlocking service, that is not grounds for a refund. Customers must verify this before making a purchase.
  8. If a customer’s device has an iCloud activation lock and cannot be activated, they must contact the owner to remove the iCloud account. We will not issue refunds for sim carrier unlocks completed but cannot be used due to an Activation Lock.
  9. Customers attempting to use their phone on a non-compatible network will not be eligible for refunds. Unlocking is only applicable to GSM phones, and it is the customer’s responsibility to research if their network can be used with an unlocked GSM phone.
  10. We do not issue refunds if customers alter their phone in any way before, during, or after purchasing and delivering an unlock code, rendering the unlock impossible. Our codes are only applicable to stock phones, and they may not work if the phone has been refurbished.
  11. No refunds will be issued if customers purchase an unlock code, receive it, and then find a cheaper one elsewhere. Additionally, we do not provide refunds if customers request a price match after making payment.
  12. Delivery times on our website are estimated and not guaranteed. We cannot issue refunds due to waiting time since we cannot cancel orders once we submit them to the manufacturer.
  13. Elegibility Checks at beginning of the process are not refundable, no matter if the result is that the phone can be unlocked or it is not elegible for unlock. All refunds policy only will apply to all other process of unlock after the elegibility check has been made.

By purchasing an unlock code from our Website, customers agree to our Refund Policy. Customers waive their right to a refund if they breach our terms and request a refund after receiving an unlock code.